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Nihon Matai proactively promotes CSR initiatives based on its corporate philosophy to earn social trust as a company with integrity.

Environmental Initiative

Nihon Matai received ISO14001 certification in 2002. At present, our six business establishments – Headquarters, Osaka Branch, Saitama Plant, Shiga Plant, Hyogo Plant and Okayama Plant – work together as a single environmental organization.

Environmental Initiative

Quality Initiative

From 1998, our plants successively received ISO9001 certification. At present, the Saitama Plant, Shiga Plant, Hyogo Plant and Okayama Plant work together on quality improvement activities.

Quality Initiative

Compliance -Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Action-

Nihon Matai Co., Ltd. and Nihon Matai Group are committed to corporate ethics and have established internal regulations including Matai values, a company-wide vision, basic company-wide strategies, and basic environmental philosophy. With this in mind, we have engaged in corporate activities to build up strong relationships with shareholders, customers, investors, business partners, and local communities. It is necessary that corporate activities, which are an accumulation of each employee’s conduct, be accepted favorably by everyone surrounding the company. To realize this, all members of the group must observe laws and regulations as well as internal rules, respect social norms, and strictly follow corporate ethics.
Accordingly, we have established “Nihon Matai Group’s Corporate Code of Conduct” and “Nihon Matai Group’s Guidelines for Action” listing items for which each member of the group must carefully consider. All members of the group shall adhere to these regardless of their position or job title.

I declare that each member of the group will reflect over his/her past conduct based on this code of conduct and guidelines for action, and will act responsibly and sensibly as a member of Nihon Matai Group and as a full-fledged member of society, while performing day-to-day work based on this code of conduct and guidelines for action.

Nihon Matai Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director
Takao Nakanishi