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Compliance -Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Action-

Nihon Matai Co., Ltd. and Nihon Matai Group are committed to corporate ethics and have established internal regulations including Matai values, a company-wide vision, basic company-wide strategies, and basic environmental philosophy. With this in mind, we have engaged in corporate activities to build up strong relationships with shareholders, customers, investors, business partners, and local communities. It is necessary that corporate activities, which are an accumulation of each employee’s conduct, be accepted favorably by everyone surrounding the company. To realize this, all members of the group must observe laws and regulations as well as internal rules, respect social norms, and strictly follow corporate ethics.
Accordingly, we have established “Nihon Matai Group’s Corporate Code of Conduct” and “Nihon Matai Group’s Guidelines for Action” listing items for which each member of the group must carefully consider. All members of the group shall adhere to these regardless of their position or job title.

I declare that each member of the group will reflect over his/her past conduct based on this code of conduct and guidelines for action, and will act responsibly and sensibly as a member of Nihon Matai Group and as a full-fledged member of society, while performing day-to-day work based on this code of conduct and guidelines for action.

Nihon Matai Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Takao Nakanishi

Nihon Matai Group’s Code of Conduct

  • We, as a manufacturer of containers that pursues creation of value with manufacturing technologies, are committed to preventing pollution of the global environment, by promoting energy savings, resource savings, reduction of waste, recycling, etc.
  • We strive for acceptance and satisfaction from our shareholders, customers, investors, business partners, local communities and employees, and at the same time, create and offer social value.
  • We respect human rights, all laws, regulations, rules and their spirit, and compete fairly and freely.
  • We disclose information to society widely and appropriately, and will continue to ensure transparency and soundness in management, as we place the highest value on social trust.
  • We place importance on harmony with the global environment in all business areas, and continuously promote energy savings, reduction of waste, expansion of recycling, etc.
  • We respect order and safety of civilian society, as well as culture and customs of local communities, and contribute to social, economic, and cultural development.
  • We respect the personality and individuality of each member of the group, and offer opportunities and an environment for development of abilities as well as an employee friendly working environment.
  • Directors and executives, being aware that they must embody this code of conduct in their respective roles, take the initiative in setting good examples, while providing instruction and guidance.
  • All members of the group are committed to observing this code of conduct. If any violation should occur, we identify the cause, disclose information, clarify where responsibility lies, and thoroughly take measures to prevent recurrence.

Nihon Matai Group’s Guidelines for Action (Excerpt)

(Respect of Human Rights)
We respect basic human rights, and eliminate unjust discrimination or infringement based on birth, nationality, ethnic group, creed, religion, gender, age, disability, hobby, academic background, etc.
We prohibit offensive sexual behavior, sexual harassment or behavior which may be misunderstood as sexual harassment.
The company takes preventive measures against the above misconduct, and ensures that all members of the group are thoroughly aware of them.
(Observance of Laws and Regulations)
We observe laws and regulations of Japan as well as foreign countries, respect social norms, and carry out corporate activities responsibly and sensibly. We compete fairly and freely, avoiding any illegal conduct that violates the Antimonopoly Act, such as forming a cartel, engaging in bid rigging, and abuse of a dominant bargaining position.
We never obtain confidential information about other companies by unlawful means, or never obtain or use confidential information about other companies which was obtained or suspected to have been obtained by unlawful means.
If we obtain inside information about our company or business partners in the course of duties, we do not buy or sell the corresponding stocks or corporate bonds until such information is officially made public.
We observe labor laws, work regulations, and labor agreements, and are committed to providing a safe and hygienic working environment and preventing industrial accidents.
We do not promote overwork or other unjust or dishonest activities prohibited by laws or regulations.
We process accounts accurately according to the related laws, regulations and internal rules, and avoid making false or fictitious entries or creating off-the-book assets.
(Management of Personal Information)
Personal information about employees or people outside the company obtained in the course of duties is used only to conduct business and strictly managed so that it cannot be used for other purposes or disclosed to the outside.
(Elimination of Antisocial Activities)
We are committed to acquiring basic knowledge of laws, cultivate common sense in society and a sense of justice, and act sensibly at all times, avoiding getting involved in illegal or antisocial activities or becoming victims of such activities.
We take a firm line against antisocial organizations, avoiding transactions with such organizations or their related companies and groups.
(Disclosure of Information)
We appropriately disclose management information, such as financial conditions and business activity conditions to shareholders and investors etc.
(Environmental Conservation, etc.)
We carry out environmentally friendly corporate activities concerning research, development, manufacture, sales and disposal of products, etc., by observing treaties, laws and regulations related to the environment.
We respect the ISO manual and its spirit, and promote energy savings, resource savings, reduction of waste, and expansion of recycling.
(Safety and Security of Products)
We make every effort to supply safety and security for our customers.
(Management of Confidential Corporate Information)
We manage confidential corporate information appropriately and do not disclose it to outside of the company without prior consent from the company. All members of the group shall abide by this clause even after retirement.
(Protection of Intellectual Property Right)
The intellectual property rights of the company are an important asset of the company. We are committed to using and protect intellectual property rights properly. We use the intellectual property rights of others based on appropriate agreements and never misuse them.
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