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Environmental Activities Report 2019

Environmental Activities Report 2019(Japanese)

Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)

Nihon Matai received ISO14001 certification in 2002. At present, our six business establishments – Headquarters, Osaka Branch, Saitama Plant, Shiga Plant, Hyogo Plant and Okayama Plant – work together as a single environmental organization.

Basic Philosophy of Environmental Management

“Harmony between corporate activities and the global environment” is the basic philosophy of Nihon Matai’s environmental preservation activity.
“Promotion of environmental management” is specified in our management policy as an item to improve corporate value.
The whole company promotes continuous activity that takes the global environment into consideration based on the environmental policy.

Environmental Policy

[Basic Philosophy]

Nihon Matai promotes continuous activity that takes preservation of the global environment into consideration, based on the philosophy of harmony between corporate activities and the global environment.

[Basic Policy]

  1. We, as a manufacturer of containers that pursues creation of value with manufacturing technologies, are committed to preventing pollution of the global environment, by promoting energy savings, resource savings, reduction of waste, recycling, etc.
  2. We are committed to developing environmentally compatible products and procure environmentally friendly materials to contribute to the preservation of the global environment.
  3. We observe laws, regulations, ordinances and agreements related to the environment as well as other requirements that we have agreed to, and are committed to stepping up our efforts to preserve the environment.
  4. We set environmental targets and goals and carry out activities so that we can fulfill the requirements of this policy. We review the targets and goals periodically and endeavor to continually improve environmental performance,
  5. We promote environmental education and awareness programs to enhance environmental awareness of all employees.
  6. This environmental policy is disseminated to all employees and disclosed outside of the company.

Formulated on August 1, 2001
Revised on June 14, 2017

Nihon Matai Co., Ltd.
Managing Director Kiyoaki Takabatake

Forest Certification
(FSC®: Forest Stewardship Council,
PEFC: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes)

Nihon Matai has received COC certification, which certifies that paper products are produced from properly managed forests and their processing and distribution are also properly managed under the FSC® and PEFC programs, both of which are international certification programs related to proper forest management.
We will continue to contribute to environmental preservation and forest preservation in an effort to reduce global environmental load and realize a sustainable society by utilization of the acquired certification.

[Details of Certification]

Scope of certification:
  Saitama Plant (Heavy Duty Lamination Section,Gravure Printing Section),
  Third Lamination Headquarters(Heavy Duty Lamination Section)

Target items: Laminated products (Paper containers)

Certification number and date of certification:
 FSC®-COC certification
  Certification number: SGSHK-COC-350105
  Date of certification: February 17, 2017
 PEFC-COC certification
  Certification number: SGSJP-PCOC-1631
  Date of certification: March 28, 2013