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Quality Management System (ISO 9001)

From 1998, our plants successively received ISO9001 certification. At present, the Saitama Plant, Shiga Plant, Hyogo Plant and Okayama Plant work together on quality improvement activities.

Quality Policy

Nihon Matai, as “a manufacturer that creates value with manufacturing technologies,” implements managerial and technological innovation through a quality management system, develops demands and creates new markets, and provides reliable products and services that satisfy customers.

  1. We observe laws, regulations, and other requirements that we have agreed to, and provide a stable supply of products that satisfy customers.
  2. We establish and maintain a quality management system that responds to increasingly sophisticated market needs.
  3. Each section sets a quality target for each fiscal year and carries out activities based on respective targets. The validity of the activity is evaluated and the result is reflected in the quality target for the following fiscal year.
  4. We evaluate the validity of the quality management system periodically and are committed to implementing continuous improvements.
  5. This quality policy is disseminated to all employees and disclosed outside of the company.

Formulated on February 1, 2010
Revised on June 14, 2017

Nihon Matai Co., Ltd.
Managing Director Kiyoaki Takabatake

Processing Hygiene Management

We have received accreditation for compliance with voluntary standards (namely hygiene management standards for factory structure, equipment and processing required for production of hygienic and safe flexible packaging materials) established by the Flexible Packaging Hygiene Association.

Plants accredited by the Flexible Packaging Hygiene Association
Saitama Plant Light Duty Lamination Section
Shiga Plant Lamination Section