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To protect and enhance our lives and maintain a comfortable environment

We offer a varied lineup of netting products to meet customer requirements that change with the times: we have marketed products used in a variety of applications such as agriculture, fishery, manufacturing, sports, and home gardening. All have been developed and commercialized based on research and reviews in the field. We are confident that you will realize their excellent quality and usefulness, as you use them more often.

Home and Gardening Materials

We deliver reliable quality cultivated over many years in the world of professional use to your home. We continue to create products upholding the concept of “safety,” “convenience” and “enjoyment,” while considering people, society and the earth.

  • Weeding sheets
  • Sunshade nets
  • Bird proof nets
  • Animal proof nets
  • Covering materials for home gardening
  • Gardening vine nets

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Agriculture Materials

We offer various kinds of netting materials useful for growing farm produce, such as those used for growing vines and prevention of entry of birds and animals.

  • Cultivation nets
  • Knitted fabric bags for harvesting
  • Bird and animal proof nets
  • Windbreak nets
  • Sunshade nets

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Industry Materials

We offer paint scattering prevention nets and fall prevention nets for construction sites, and products for garbage stations, containers, and recycling stations.

  • Recycle station system
  • Rock fall prevention nets and vegetation nets
  • Scattering prevention nets
  • Blind nets

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Sport Facility Materials

We offer safety nets and golf range materials.

  • Safety nets
  • Ball collection mats for golf range
  • Recycled PET resin nets

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Marine Materials

We offer products for fisheries from “catching” to “cultivating,” using our know-how developed over many years.

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Technologies and Facilities to Process Resin Materials, Twist Yarns and Make Nets

We can select appropriate equipment domestically and abroad, among our own plants, our affiliated companies and subcontract plants, to twist yarns and weave appropriate meshes depending on purpose and application. This is why we can produce netting products that meet a variety of our customers’ needs.