Polyethylene Heavy Duty Bags

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Reliability bolstered by the largest share in the industry

Nihon Matai, as a pioneer of polyethylene heavy duty bags in Japan, has the largest market share in the industry for a wide range of applications, such as fertilizers, chemical products, gardening products, and foods. Backed by this achievement, we are challenging new fields. We are the first company in the industry that has developed gusseted polyethylene heavy duty bags for synthetic resins. We also meet various customer requests by utilizing multilayer inflation machines.

Type Processing Functionality
Multilayer Bags
Melting Bags
Bags with Degassing Valves
Gusseted Heavy Duty Bags
Pillow Bags
Check valve processing
Light barrier
Moisture proofness
Oil resistance
Chemical resistance

Polyethylene Heavy Duty Bags


Quality Assured by Inline Production Facility

We meet customer requests, such as delivery time, quality and cost, by employing the only polyethylene heavy duty bag inline production facility in the country. Further, we will make an effort to create new products together with our customers.