Thermoplastic elastomer films ESMER

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Sheets and films manufactured by directly extruding thermoplastic elastomer resins. Unlike products produced by the calendaring method or solution casting method, they do not contain solvents, rendering them environmentally friendly. This is used as substrate materials for decoration films such as ABS and PMMA.

Thermoplastic elastomer films ESMER URS Thermoplastic elastomer films ESMER MLS Thermoplastic elastomer films ESMER OES

Thermoplastic elastomer films ESMER URS

  • Three to five times more resistant to wear than natural rubber and synthetic rubber, suitable for use in a severe environments including application for conveyor belts.
  • Offering excellent rubber elasticity and stable hardness even at low temperatures, suitable for use in very cold climates or inside a refrigerator.
  • Featuring superb durability against oil and gasoline, ideal for industrial parts, automobile parts, containers, solvent protection gloves, etc.
  • Offering excellent durability against long-term repeated bending motions and tear resistance, suitable for industrial parts and containers for which rubber is not suitable.
  • Lamination with woven fabric, nonwoven fabric, paper, plastic film, etc., is possible according to applications and purposes, enabling designs with cost and quality features which cannot be realized by using natural rubber, synthetic rubber, flexible PVC, or by polyurethane processing using casting method, colander method, or solution method.
  • Can be firmly bonded to flexible PVC (Achilles’ heel of bonding) and ideal for welder bonding for shoes, sandals, etc.
  • Film for pharmaceuticals
  • Automobile paint protection film
  • Conductive film for OA equipment

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Thermoplastic elastomer films ESMER MLS

Esmer MLS offers excellent transparency, and capable of secondary processing such as heat sealing and high frequency welding.

  • General goods, stationery, etc.
  • Co-extruded, multilayer olefin film, Ventilation prevention film for vehicle ceiling material

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Thermoplastic elastomer films ESMER OES

Manufactured in a class 1000 clean environment as dicing film used for semiconductor manufacturing.

The number of fish eyes is small, contributing to improved quality and semiconductor yields.
Polyolefin film for semiconductor processing

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