Radiation Shielding Sheet

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Radiation Shielding Sheet

Developed by Nihon Matai R&D Center in collaboration with Rengo Central Laboratory. We repeated demonstration tests in areas that still indicate high air radiation amounts and have applied for a patent.


Conventional radiation shielding materials were metal plates that were big and unwieldy and difficult to handle. This radiation shielding material, being made from thermoplastic elastomer (flexible material) in which inorganic substances are dispersed, is characterized by its flexibility and ease of handling.

  • Building materials such as wall materials, floor materials, etc.
  • Cover sheets for contaminated waste stored temporarily etc., during decontamination
  • Cover sheets for removed plants or gutters
  • X-ray shielding materials
Shielding performance
  • Target source of radiation: Gamma rays
  • Detectors used
    Made by Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation
  • NAL scintillation counters
  • Spectrum survey meters
Thickness Shield factor
20mm Approximately 50%
1mm Approximately 3%

(The above values vary depending on the measurement conditions.)

Thickness 1mm~2mm
Width 500mm~2000mm
m2weight 2.5~3kg (1mm thick)

The sheet can be used in any size according to application. Increasing the number of layered sheets improves the radiation shield factor.

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